The development of intensive agriculture and machinery has changed the typical model of farms since the 1950’s. Agri-food engineers have greatly participated in this modernization of the Quebec’s agricultural sector and food processing industry. They were a central part of the technological advances and the progress realized over the years in agri-food practices. Today, they again have to address the challenges and needs of the society.

The food crisis, the population growth (around 9 billion people in 2050), the world conflicts, globalization, the decrease of available lands, the depletion of world fossil energy reserves and environmental protection offer incredible opportunities for agri-food engineer to stand out and try to make more effective and more productive all the food chain despite of constraints and restrictions.

Quebec is well positioned to overcome the current and future challenges given its available resources and expertise. Some choices still have to be made if the Quebec’s agri-food sector wants to be internationally competitive. Agri-food engineers are hence the best professionals to stay at the top in the respect of hygiene, animal welfare and environment. In addition, agri-food engineers can work everywhere in the world where their expertise is needed to help third world countries.